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Nehemiah Trust Pakistan is a non profit, recognized and registered organization that was established in Pakistan with an objective to 'helping the helpless'. The founder and chairman of Nehemiah Trust Pakistan is Muazzam John.

The Nehemiah Team is made up of dedicated individuals who are both excited about and committed to the goal, dreams, work and future of the Nehemiah Trust Pakistan.

Our mission is to make accessible to the underprivileged, both resources and facilities to improve the quality of their lives, health and future. We are guided by principles of responsibility and ability to make a difference by being actively involved in differing communities. Change is achieved by promoting physical, psychological and socio-economic education within these areas. The Nehemiah Trust caters to needs of people who are unable to do for themselves, and as such has earned a valued reputation for its service and dedication towards humanity. The Trust's main aim has always been to fund well managed projects on many fronts. Promoting education for many, health clinics, support to relieve the effects of poverty, and effect long-term change where help is not readily available from public or private sectors. The Trust also provides funding for humanitarian aid, helping orphans, widows and victims.

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Muazzam John
Founder & Chairman
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