Flood Relief


In 2010 Pakistan experienced the worst flooding disaster in its history. Nehemiah Trust Pakistan with the help of our friends and supporters around the world, collected and organized food, clothing and shelter for the flood victims.

This year again, more floods triggered by heavy rains have devastated parts of Southern Pakistan. More than a million people have been affected and s of thousands have lost their homes in this region which had not recovered from last year's floods. Flooding has submerged whole villages in the past few weeks and have killed at least 4,000 people.

Upon hearing the news of the floods, Nehemiah Trust Pakistan decided to send out help carrying dry ration packages for over 50 families towards District Badin which is reportedly the worst hit in this recent flooding. Ration packages contain rice, lentils, cooking ghee, flour dates, sugar and tea leaves and water bottles.


There is the desperate need of clean drinking water, food and medical assistance on immediate priorities for survivors. To help them, we need medicines, food, clothes and footwear specially for the affected children to ensure proper distribution of these items.

And we are now focusing to organize medical relief camps and efforts in Badin to help them as much as possible. We are seeking assistance from our local and international friends to partner with us so we can mount a combined effort in order to organize relief operations as soon as possible.

Your wholehearted support will be highly appreciated. Please send your donations to our Bank Account or send it by western union.