Gojara & Korian Incident

Attack on Christians in Gojra
1 August 2009 Dozens of houses and a Church were also torched during the attack, which was triggered by allegations of local Christians desecrating the Koran.
The victims, who included children, were burnt alive when a mob of extremist Muslims went on the rampage in the Christian town called Gojra.

Persecution of Christians will continue so long as there is no deterrent to stop radical Muslims doing what they like and taking the law into their own hands.
Human rights groups, including CLAAS, say the blasphemy laws are behind much of the persecution of Christians in Pakistan and that they are being misused by extremists to settle personal vendettas and harass Christians.
After the horrific murder of eight Christians in Gojra, Pakistan, the community is still waiting for justice to be done.
Nehemiah Team went to be with the persecuted Church and help them with Food, Utensils, Cloths and Cash.
Thank you for your prayers and support.